Monday, 9 May 2011

Still going.....

After quite some basting and some time finding my courage I took the step to the actual quilting.
I decided to do machine quilting. I haven't got the patience for hand quilting and free motion looks great but...... very difficult. It was a challenge to handle this size and thickness under my machine.
But I am very pleased with hte result so far.
As told to do so, I started with the squares from the middle and worked my way to the edges. Then I did the sashing.
At this point I'm deliberating about how to do the borders for more then a week..... Not good :-(.

I tried some free motion with my new ordered darning foot but this really needs some more practice. Well I really want to get going so will have to make a decision soon!

See you later!

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Anonymous said...

Geweldig meis, het verbaast me dat je hier al geduld voor hebt. Gefeliciteerd met dit eerste werkstuk, een prachtig resulstaat.
Veel liefs mama