Sunday, 29 May 2011

Almost done...

In between all other projects this one is still going. The rag quilt for my little girl. This week I finally put together all the squares & rows. Looking great, don't you think?
Normally you stitch and cut around the outer border like you did with the edges of the squares but I decided I prefer a proper border/binding. So went online and ordered some more fabric from the same range. It was quite hard because the range is sold out almost everywhere or just little bits left. Luckely I did find a shop that still had enough left.
I am in LOVE with this fabric. It really brightens the day. Then I started doing some maths to work out how wide the stripes should be to make the desired border (Yes, I know I should have done that before I ordered but thank goodness I ordered enough!!). I cut all the strips and am busy sewing them around the quilt. (Photo's of this will follow!) All that's left when I finished the border is cutting/clipping all the seams in the quilt. This makes the seams soft and fluffy. This is a picture of the seams before clipping.
And this is how it looks after a few hundred cuts. Very cuddly!!
I'm very glad I bought the special rag quilt scissors from Fiskars which make clipping the seams soooooo much easier. Hope you like it!

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Jo said...

Very exciting! Can't wait to see the finished item! See you tomorrow!