Tuesday, 17 May 2011

It's done!

Finally I finished my first quilt! Wohoo. I'm so happy how it turned out.
I loved making every bit from chosing the fabrics, sewing the squares together, the sashing (light purple around the 4x9 squares), the border (dark purple) and the binding (green edge).
I enjoyed the free motion quilting very much and am so happy I just did it. It just makes the quilt.
This is the backside. You can see how the squares pop-up, because of the machine quilting in straight lines around the edges of the squares.

I would love to start on a next quilt but I really have to focus on filling quite a few removal boxes now first because we are moving houses (and countries) in 5 weeks time.

Hope you like my quilt.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Geweldig Martine voor je eerste quilt poging! Mooie kleuren en een schitterend resultaat. Ben trots op je dat je dit presteert naast je drukke gezin.
Veel liefs mama