Friday, 22 April 2011

Quilt in progress.

After a few more days this week sewing, pinning, ironing seams, cutting more strips etc. I'm quite a bit further on the way to finish my first quilt. The top was all done. Went to the craft shop (twice) to get fabric for the binding (the lime-green), the backing (the brown) en the batting (the white (soft bits that goes in betweet the top and back)).
After my first visit to the craft shop, I came home with the wrong size batting. I had asked for 46' and meant square but didn't say. So when I put everything together it happened to be 46' long but at the maximum 42' wide..... That's wasn't enough.

So went back the next day and explained the mistake and came home with much thicker, but the right width batting. I could continue my project.

Then the basting was the next step to take. This means you pin the top, batting and back together with curved safety pins. You pin on lots of places to keep them lined up well, so you can turn it all over without the layers sliding apart.

Now I need to get some courage to actually start quilting. I LOVE the free motion quilting but think that's to much risk of faillure since I haven't done it before and it requires quite some practicing to get it right. So I'll start with straigt line quilting, tonight :-D.

Have a good Easter Weekend!!

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Jo said...

It's looking so fab Martine! Can't wait to see the finished product!