Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Rag quilt done!!!

Done, finished, klaar!! It is really done. After weeks of work in the evening hours or at our church-craft mornings, it is done.
I had taken photo's yesterday at midday but the intensity of the light was too much to get the colours come out as they deserve. So later in the afternoon today I made some new photo's.
A close-up of the clipped seams after washing the quilt. They tell you to wash the quilt to make the clipped seams go fluffier and fluffier. I was quite nervous putting it in the washing machine already, but all worked out well. And what a great difference already in the fluffyness (is this a word?) after just 1 wash.

And a close up of 1 of the corners so you can properly see the border that I've added.
I'm as happy as can be! Now I'll send it to the Netherlands so it will on our daughters bed when we come home!! (We're moving back home in 4 weeks, after 2 yrs Australia!) Hope you like how it turned out!


Anonymous said...

Wat een verschrikkelijk mooi resultaat meis, je kunt hier nog trotyser op zijn! Wat zal je prinsesje hier blij mee zijn.....
Complimenten en leuk dat ik het ontstaan en maken van deze quilt van nabij heb meegemaakt.

Anonymous said...

Wat een geweldig mooi resultaat, meis. Je kleine prinses zal hier heel erg blij mee zijn en nog trotser omdat haar mama hem heeft gemaakt. Ben heel blij dat ik deze quilt heb zien ontstaan, je mag er weer trots op zijn!

Jo said...

This is TOTALLY gorgeous Martine! So pretty! Well Done you!