Monday, 18 April 2011

Above All Fabric - Spring Quilt Along

A few weeks ago my friend Jo made me aware of the Spring Quilt Along that was going to run at . This was the change to make a proper quilt with the help of a proffesional! Jo & I made our first quilt blocks a few months ago when Quilts-for-Queensland was on. The idea was to make 12inch quilt blocks, send them to a lady who would collect them and with the help of very experienced quilters make them into quilts. Those quilts are being hand out to people who lost their belongings in the Queensland floodings. What's nicer to get, when you've lost lots or even everything, than something specially handmade for you. So after a few blocks each, we were bitten by the quilt-bug. :-) You can see the Quilt Along on here:

This is 1 of her examples to get you going! Everybody can quilt along, you can upload photo's of your quilt on Flickr but don't need to if you don't want to (but then you won;t be able to win 1 of her $30 vouchers!).

First I just wanted to use my stash but allthough I've quite a bit, not enough different & still matching ones. So I had to go to the local craftshop and buy some more fabrics :-D. This is what I came up with.

The pattern says to cut 36 5 inch squares and lay them in 4 blocks of 9.

Then you sew them together row by row, block by block.

The next step is to sew the sashing in between. That's the fabric that goes between and around the blocks.

The border is what's following then. And all of this is, step by step, on the Above All Fabric Blog.

For some reason this last photo went on it's side, but you can see it all came together quite nice.

Wednesday she's going to explain to put on the batting (the soft bits in between the fabric on the front and back), the backing and quilting. Can't wait! Do have to have another visit to the craftshop for fabric for back & binding (the final edge to smooth the sides). How unfortunate ;-)!

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