Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Craft night at Jo's.

Last Thursday night we had a craft night at my friend Jo's house. This was organised because another friend Deb was visiting Karratha after being away for quite a while. We used to craft together before so couldn't miss out on the opportunaty to craft togehter again.
With the 4 of us (Lorraine entered in the joy as well), we had a great creative night.
Jo was making a crad for her being part of the designteam at Do You Stack Up. Lorraine and Deb tried copic colouring after Jo filled them in on the do's and don'ts. I did some sewing and made this lovely pincushion following Jo's directions.
I love the shape and how easy it is to make. It only takes you 2 pieces of 5 inch squares fabric, a bit of ribbon and a button.
At the moment I am trying to get organised for the move back home. And since I also need to pack all my craft stuff, I needed a small project to work on in between all of this.. . . .
I will fill you in on what I'm working on soon.

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