Tuesday, 14 June 2011

New project!

Found it! I think this is THE perfect project if you want something portable or, as in my situation, something that can stay UNPACKED untill the very last moment and even be taken into the carry-on luggage in the airplane :-) flying us back home.
Blogging around I found the blog of a lady called Jessica that started this quilt-along. Have a look at her blog here. She started a Flickr group where all the ladies taking part in the quilt along upload photo's of their progress. Have a look here. So after this find, I started to get organised to take off on this project. I happen to have a perfect little folder to put everything in (Thanks Annemarie,!! Remember the Vichi-free-samples-folder you gave me a few years ago?)

All the plastic diamond templates, fabric diamonds, needles, thread, threadcutter etcetera fits in there snuggly!
I have decided to make a quilt with scrappy-stars. So each star will be made up out of 6 different fabric diamonds. I have cut the plastic templates out of No-Melt Mylar Template Plastic. I cut 6 60dgr diamonds out of all my left-over fabrics or not yet used fabrics. I intended not to buy any new fabrics since we're moving soon but as you can imagine that didn't go as planned ;-).

The way to go is: you lay a plastic template on the fabric diamond, fold over the sides. Slide over a paperclip for temporarly fixation (in the photo I used a hairpin because I couldn't find paperclips at that moment :-) ). With a needle and some thread you stitch the corners so they're attached. You'll end up with the diamonds on the bottom of the photo above.

After quite some fabric cutting and even a few diamonds folded & stitched, this is what I had.

When you have 6 diamonds folded&stitched, you'll hand-stitch them together and make them into a star.

And tataaaa! My first star! WOHOO!

To seperate the stars, there will be white diamonds in between.

And this is how they will fit into each other. It's actually quite addictive! Once you've started forming a star, you want to see it finished. And one that fits in there and so on.... Myrthe and Brent like to join in by arranging different diamonds into stars. I love it when they do that and have to think of a way to remember who 'made' which star. For now I've written their initial on the back but that will be covered up when I put on the backing. Mmmmmmmm.... If you have an idea!

My friends Jo, Ilse & Narelle kindly donated the fabrics in the photo underneath when they saw me working on this. How great is that!! Thanks heaps girls! Greatly appreciated.

It will be such a valuable memory having pieces of their fabrics in this quilt!

This is how far I have got for now. I have 1 1/2 more stars ready to go in my folder (so need to go buy 3 more fabrics to finish off that 1/2 star ;-) ), then I have used each fabric once. 5 more pieces of each fabric to go!

This (photo above plus the 1 1/2 star to come) is what I call 'the 1st set'. Now I am preparing 'set 2', which means doing the folding&stitching around the templates. Set 2 will be 1 diamond of each fabric as well but then differently arranged. And so on with set 3, 4, 5 and 6 in the end. Make sure you'll keep posted to see how I go!


Jo said...

Very Cool Martine!

Anonymous said...

Oh Martine, I thought you had to pack suitcases and boxes to get home, but never thought you would start making a quilt by hand. Beautiful and nice to do in the aeroplane. I'm afraid it will be finished before you get to any airportto get home! Nice colours, maybe you can learn me in August!
Love mum!